What Imbibe meant to me: Tributes from the industry



09 December 2020

If we learnt anything from the sad news that Imbibe magazine and imbibe.com is to close, it's that Imbibe really was well loved by the trade it served. We've put together some of the most heart-felt messages here for you to remember us by

As the editorial team here at Imbibe prepare to hang up our quills, we've been reflecting on some of he wonderful, kind and heartfelt tributes that flooded in in the aftermath of the announcement that, as of 1 January 2021, the magazine and website will be no more.

So, forgive us for this moment of self-indulgence as share some of the ones that really pulled at our collective heartstrings, both past Imbibers and present. Thank you to everyone who replied/wrote something/messaged us: every single one meant the world to us.


'Very sad news. Well done to everyone who helped make Imbibe the institution that it was and let's hope there's some hope of getting the band back together as and when conditions improve – which might be sooner than we all dared to think.' The Wine Merchant Mag

'You've been a force for engagement and good, and have often tackled the tough stuff head on. I hope everyone manages to come out the other side ok.' Melissa Cole, Melissa Cole Beer

'Where is the DIS-like button when you need it! An absolute travesty! Thanks for being an informative and entertaining source of news and views that helped me on the journey from enthusiast to industry professional! You will be missed.' Rumblin' Mobile Cocktail Bar

'This is a sad day for the UK bar industry. Imbibe was one of the industry's go-to titles and has educated and informed countless bartenders over the years. Its fall reminds us that many of the satellite sectors that supply and support the bar industry are struggling. Many more businesses will become casualties of Covid. Here's to Imbibe UK's 13 years of service to the service industry.' Hamish Smith, editor Class Magazine

'I was devastated by the news that Imbibe UK was no longer going to exist as a publication. I was surprised to learn that it was ‘only’ 13 years, such was the significant impact it had on my life... I remember being extremely proud the first time my name appeared in Imbibe, when I would be grilled for an opinion by their writers or editors or asked to judge a competition. I was even prouder when I was eventually asked to write for them or when one of my pitches was approved... Thank you Imbibe. Not just for giving me a platform and a voice, but giving a whole, multifaceted industry an opportunity to learn, grow, strive to improve, be heard and be taken seriously. I’ll miss you.' Julian de Feral, bar consultant and Imbibe contributor

'These are truly sad tidings, I fondly recall patiently awaiting deliveries at @doctorinkscuriosities with your insightful and informative magazine and a coffee for company and the time passed so much quicker.' Benjamin Smith, Cocktails and Cardigans

'So so sorry to hear this.... truly the end of an era. Imbibe kicked off my start in this marvellous drinks world in the UK and holds such a big place in all of our hearts.' Sasha Filimonov, UK brand ambassador Hendrick's Gin

'This is so, so sad! As a publication you have helped the careers of so many in our wonderful industry. A huge loss for hospitality.' Jenny Griffiths, bartender

'During your time you did so much to elevate our industry. I want to give a deep heated thank you for that. I am grateful for your work and a void will be left in your absence. I hope everyone on the team finds something good and fitting next.' Simon Ford, founder Fords Gin

'Imbibe represented so much to me whilst "growing up" in the industry. It was through Imbibe that I made my first move to London nearly 10 years ago. I could go on, but know that for the last 13 years you've meant a lot to me (and many others) on many levels: you will be missed. Here is to what has been achieved, rather than the fact that it is coming to an end.' Joseph Lewis-White, Criadera Bar

'We were trying to give a voice to the people that went largely unreported, the bartenders and sommeliers, who are such a key part of the UK industry, who didn’t really have a platform... And we tried to do it in a way that wouldn’t make people fall asleep, and we achieved that for 13 years until Covid put a stop to it. Chris Losh, drinks writer and former editor of Imbibe, talking to Harpers Magazine

'Speaking as one of those former contributors to Imbibe before joining the Harpers team, this editor is among many that will much miss our colourful rival on the on-trade side.' Andrew Catchpole, editor Harpers

'We're absolutely gutted! Such a fantastic publication and wonderful people that have support us from day 1. Big love to all the team and thank you for such brilliant work these last 13 years.' Healthy Hospo

'That's very sad news indeed I always looked forward to the physical act of picking up the magazine with its glossy smell and smart articles on all things booze... come back another time! x' Michael Troy, on-trade director Boisset Famille des Grands Vins

'Tragic to hear about another closure because of Covid and especially one of the best quality B2B hospitality publications. Wishing the whole team the very best.' Belinda Boyd, 2020 PR

'Aww, sorry to hear that :( You were so much fun and informative how will I keep up with what happens on the "night side" of the trade now?' Joelle Nebbe-Mornod, Alpine Wines

'I’m so gutted about this. I joined the drinks industry last year and have found @imbibeuk so accessible and informative as a newcomer.' Fiona King, marketing manager Manchester Gin and Three Little Words

'Very sad news. A main stay of our education in the industry that will now be lesser for your absence.' Brews Chews


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