Wholesaler WSD Group partners with Lightweight Containers to recycle KeyKegs

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

30 April 2019

Manchester-based wholesaler WDS Group is set to launch a recycling programme for KeyKegs in the north of England.

As most plastic kegs are normally disposed of once used, WDS Group have teamed up with KeyKeg producer Lightweight Containers to create a circular programme to recycle their basic materials and turn them into new KeyKegs.

The recycling programme, called OneCircle, was initially trialled in London. It’s now ready to be implemented in the north of the country.

‘We estimate that more than 500,000 KeyKegs end up [disposed of] in Manchester alone every year and it is great that we can now use them as raw materials again,’ commented Sam Evans, WDS Group sales director. ‘It meets a huge need. Many bars and breweries have heard that we are going to process KeyKegs and have spontaneously saved them up. It is clear to them that a lot of plastic ends up in landfill and they want to prevent that from happening.’

Each KeyKeg is made of 30% recycled material. PP and PET, two recyclable plastics, comprise 81% of the KeyKeg. The remaining 19% consists of materials that can be reused for other applications.

‘We can recycle our kegs now because years ago we designed the KeyKeg and UniKeg with circularity in mind,’ pointed out Annemieke Hartman, chief commercial officer at Lightweight Containers.

Hartman said that the company is aiming to support the worldwide reuse of KeyKegs’ raw materials: ‘We have developed various collection models and recycling methods and work together with waste companies, brewers and beverage distributors such as WDS Group,’ she explained.

‘We have developed tools that allow our supply chain to separate the valuable materials and are actively looking for people and companies to join our fast-growing collection community.’

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