Wine drinkers against Brexit, says recent report

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

26 November 2019

According to an analysis published by research and insights agency Wine Intelligence, 55% of Britain’s 28 million regular wine drinkers would support remaining in the EU in a potential second Brexit referendum.

The analysis, featured in Wine Intelligence’s annual review of the British wine market, claims that nearly seven out of 10 regular wine drinkers believe that Brexit will lead to increased prices, while only 5% expect prices to fall.

Furthermore, the report says that 65% will continue drinking EU wine after Brexit, while 29% think they’ll buy less and 6% will buy more.

Younger wine drinkers, aged 18-34, are twice more likely to vote Remain than Leave in a potential second Brexit referendum. ‘Our data suggests that regular wine drinkers were always leaning towards Remain,’ commented Wine Intelligence chief operations officer Richard Halstead, ‘but this feeling is growing stronger the closer we get to Brexit, particularly among younger wine drinkers.’

Within the younger segment, female voters in particular show a stronger Remain support (79%), with only 21% backing Leave.  

Compared to younger wine drinkers, over-65 voters lean towards remain by a smaller margin (54% vs 46%). 

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