The World According To... Durham Atkinson

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

23 February 2016

He might suffer from vertigo, but Durham Atkinson, owner of The Hops & Glory pub, is one of the industry’s high flyers. Laura Foster listens in as he talks about halves, Homer and hating Peter Andre

2003-2005 Studied physics and HR at Sydney University
2003-2006 Bartender at Bungalow 8 and The Loft, Sydney
2007-2008 Bartender at China Doll and Ivy, Sydney
2008-2009 Bartender at Mahiki, London
2009-2010 General manager at Milk & Honey, London
2011 Venue manager at Happiness Forgets, London
2012 Bartender at Hawksmoor Spitalfields and Guildhall, London
2012-present Owner of The Hops & Glory pub, London

‘I used to visit a bar called Scubar in Australia where you could bet on crab races. I’m a sore loser though, so I don’t bet any more.’

‘I think being healthy isn’t prioritised enough in this industry. Go to the gym and don’t lie to yourself that you don’t have time, because you do. I go in the morning – if I’m not hungover.’

‘I really love crap drinks such as Raspberry Martinis.’

‘I’m a big film buff – I like police thrillers. LA Confidential is my favourite film, I’ve watched it at least 20 times.’

‘I nearly died when I was 16 and I got whooping cough. I was in hospital for two weeks.’

‘I’m really scared of heights. I did an Outward Bound trip when I was 17 and had to abseil down a 150m wall. That was a tough week.’

‘Without CAMRA people wouldn’t be having great beers on cask today. They’ve kept that alive, even though the younger generation has a bit more affinity with keg beers.’

‘I mostly drink halves now. I’d rather have six different halves in a night than three pints. I increasingly see that with our customers as well.’

‘Occasionally if I’m buying a round of drinks, I’ll secretly buy myself just a soda or tonic water and pass it off as a G&T.’

‘My biggest villain is Peter Andre. He’s a poor representation of people from my country. He’s an embarrassment of a person.’

‘My favourite TV show is The Simpsons. It’s funny and related to different age groups – you watch old episodes that you watched years ago, and pick up on different things the second time around.’

‘Our biggest day of the year at The Hops & Glory is Australia Day. This year we’ve got some special cases of Aussie beer coming over, such as Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, and we’ll play John Farnham. We buy lamingtons as well.’

‘I play cricket. You get used to the boredom...’

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