SipAdvisor special: New make spirit

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

23 July 2020

SipAdvisor by Imbibe is our monthly podcast. In this special episode, deputy editor Millie Milliken delves into the world of new make spirit

She talks to Hannah Lanfear of The Mixing Class about education around new make in the UK; runs through a tasting of six new make spirits; discusses Juuri, the unaged rye whiskey from Finland’s Kyrö Distillery Company with CEO Miika Lipiäinen; and chats to Simo Simpson and Chris Tanner of Milroy’s, The Proofing Room and The Vault Soho about using it behind the bar.

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Introduction: Hannah Lanfear of The Mixing Class (and Imbibe Educator of the Year 2019) talks about education of new make in the UK drinks industry.

Tasting: Millie goes through a tasting of six new make spirits: White Pheasant, Cotswold Distillery; New Make, Milk & Honey; White Dog Mash #1, Buffalo Trace; Thompson Bros, Dornoch Distillery; Artful Dodger, Bimber Distillery; Juuri, Kyrö Distillery Company.

Interview with Miika Lipiäinen: CEO and co-founder of Finland's Kyrö Distillery Company discusses his cult new make, Juuri.

Interview with Simo Simpson and Chris Tanner: The duo discuss their love of new make and how it can be used behind the bar.

Final notes:  The status of new make spirit by Millie Milliken.

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